Monday, July 20, 2015

Mark 1:32-39

32 That evening, at sunset, people brought to Jesus those who were sick or demon-possessed. 33 The whole town gathered near the door. 34 He healed many who were sick with all kinds of diseases, and he threw out many demons. But he didn’t let the demons speak, because they recognized him.

35 Early in the morning, well before sunrise, Jesus rose and went to a deserted place where he could be alone in prayer. 36 Simon and those with him tracked him down. 37 When they found him, they told him, “Everyone’s looking for you!”

38 He replied, “Let’s head in the other direction, to the nearby villages, so that I can preach there too. That’s why I’ve come.” 39 He traveled throughout Galilee, preaching in their synagogues and throwing out demons.

After the sun had dropped that evening, people started showing up at the house -- and they brought the sick and demon-possessed with them. Pretty soon it seemed like the whole town was standing outside the front door. He healed lots of sick people and got rid of lots of demons. But he prohibited the demons from speaking because they knew who he was, and he didn't want them riling up the crowd.

Early in the morning, while it was still very dark, Jesus left and went to a deserted place so that he could spend time alone praying. However, Simon and those with him, tracked Jesus down, and crashed his prayer retreat. Thinking that Jesus was unaware of the opportunity at hand they told him, "Everyone is looking for you!"

Jesus replied, "Let's head in the opposite direction. I want to preach in the other villages near here, too. My mission is bigger than casting out demons and healing sick people -- I'm here to preach! So he traveled throughout the Galilee region preaching in the synagogues -- AND eliminating demons.