Sunday, September 11, 2016

1 Timothy 1:12-17

12 Enough of that! Let’s shift the focus to the real solution of all that ails us as broken people. I’m grateful to find myself in the service of Christ Jesus our Lord. It’s not the Law that empowers me -- but Christ who has given me the strength to carry out this mission. He trusts me with this assignment 13 even though in my arrogance, prior to my flip-flop, I used to rail against him without relent. I even led violent attacks on Jesus’ people. So, some wonder how it is that I can speak on behalf of Christ. Well, I’d contend that I’m the poster child of God’s mercy -- that which was poured out on me even though I acted in stupidity and apart from faith. 14 Our Lord thoroughly drenched me with the faithfulness and love of Christ Jesus. Talk about undeserved blessings! It’s all about him -- not me. It’s all about his forgiveness -- not my sinfulness. 15 There is a good saying that you should commit to memory and let it steer your life. “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinful people!” Consider again my case. 16 I am the worst sinner to have ever lived, but I am also, then, living proof of the extent of the mercy that Christ Jesus extends to all people. I’m convinced that this is why Christ so patiently and persistently pursued me. He wanted to use me as a striking example of his mercy. So, first of all, I benefited from his mercy. Then, all of those who connect with Christ and his mercy because of my example also benefit. They start to trust Christ and end up living the eternal life, too. 17 This reality is so awesome that I want to break out in praise.
You deserve unequaled and unending honor. 
You are the one and only God -- 
without competition or peer. 
You rule over all time and through every era of history. 
You have no beginning or ending. 
You are so incredible that you are beyond the spectrum of human sight. 
Yes! Without end we direct all glory to you.