Saturday, September 24, 2016

1 Timothy 6:6-19

Don’t think of living a devoted life as a get rich-scheme. Of course, there is something to be gained by living a godly life -- contentment with what you have. 7 We all arrived into this world without a dime, and regardless of how much we’ve accumulated, we’ll all leave in the same way. You can’t take it with you! 8 So, be content if you have food and clothing. 9 Now, there are some people who get sucked into living destructive and unhealthy lives through the pursuit of wealth. Their lives are ruined by this kind of passion. 10 Desire for money is a source of unending trouble. There are even some who have painfully shipwrecked otherwise solid and faithful lives while pursuing wealth.

11 So, don’t do it! As a man of God turn tail and run from this kind of lust. Instead, turn all that entrepreneurial energy into pursuing right living. That is, go after a life set-apart for service to God -- a life characterized by loyalty, love, tenacity, and uncommon civility. 12 Think of it as a game where you are competing to win the eternal life trophy. Use your faith to push yourself to compete well -- just as you have pledged to do in the presence of so many witnesses. 13 This isn’t just a suggestion. I’m giving you an order -- an order that comes from God himself. For he is the one who breathes life into everything. He is the one who through Christ Jesus faithfully testified before Pontius Pilate (even though he knew that his testimony would send him to crucifixion). 14 Don’t slack. Stay the course until that moment when the curtain is pulled back revealing the presence of Christ Jesus. 15 The timing is in God’s hands. And what better hands could there be, for he is blessed to be the one and only ruler who is over all kings, presidents, prime ministers, generals, emperors, and sovereign lords. 16 He has no beginning nor ending, is unapproachable, and lives in the spectrum of light that is beyond human sight. So nobody is actually able to see God. But that doesn’t stop us from recognizing that all honor and unending power are rightfully his -- and his alone. Amen!

17 Make sure that you tell those who are rich that they shouldn’t make too much of what they’ve got. They shouldn’t think that they can count on their wealth to carry them through life. Instead, they should trust God for that. He is the one who provides everything we need and enjoy. 18 Make sure that they understand that they should earmark their riches for good works. They should be really generous as they share what they have with those who don’t have so much. 19 That kind of savings plan will generate true treasure and a solid foundation that will enable them to really live the life in the future.

© 2016 Brad Boydston.