Sunday, January 15, 2017

2 John 1-6

1-2 Greetings from John “the elder.” I am writing to the chosen lady and her children -- the church well-loved by me and all who live under the enduring and eternal influence of truth.

3 Let the grace, mercy, and peace that comes from God the Father -- and from Christ Jesus, the Son of the Father -- belong to us. For we are the people who let truth and love define how we live.

4 I can’t describe how happy I was when I learned how diligently some of the children were living out the truth. They are acting in complete accord with the command of God the Father.

5 Now, dearest lady -- and church family -- I am asking that we all love each other. Obviously I am not asking anything new. This is the same old instruction which we have had from Day One. There is nothing more basic. 6 Practically speaking this is what that love looks like -- we, God’s children, living day in and day out according to God’s directions. Again, I am repeating the very same command that was given to you at the start of your relationship with God -- let love regulate how you live.