Friday, February 10, 2017

Jude 20-15

But you, dear friends: instead of buying into all that nonsense, pour yourselves into building one another up. Build on the foundation of your unique faith which is fully about serving God. As you pray for each other do so using the power and insight that is from the Holy Spirit. 21 Then, march together, keeping one another in cadence with God’s love. This love also defines the destination of your march. As you move forward wait patiently and confidently for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to play out. He’s going to give you life that is both unending and unmatched in richness.

22 Some people will get swallowed by their doubts. Instead of harshness, approach them with the tender mercy that characterizes our faith. 23 In this way some will be saved from the judgment fire. Of course, you’ll want to maintain a healthy respect -- might we even say fear -- of God. Yes, extend mercy to those who will accept it, but be careful that you don’t find yourselves enticed by similar sinful desires. Without being all judgy, offer love and mercy to sinners, while you protect yourself by loathing everything about the sin.

24 - 25 All glory, majesty, power, and authority belong to the one and only God. His greatness is timeless. He is our savior and he will keep you standing so that when the march is done and you end up in his glorious presence, you’ll be there dancing with joy -- instead of answering for a long list of sins. He makes it all happen through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.