Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Mark 3:20-35

Jesus was so popular that even when he went home the crowd followed him -- all the way into the house. They were so demanding that Jesus and his crew of apprentices were unable to eat.

21 When Jesus’ family heard how out of control things had become they decided to intervene and whisk him away because the family figured that he had gone crazy and lost his mind.

22 Some religious legal experts who had come all the way from Jerusalem were stirring things up even more. They kept claiming that Jesus had such supernatural power because he was under the control of Beelzebul (aka Satan). “The chief demon gives him power to send the demons packing.”

23 Jesus called everyone together and told the crowd a parable that poked at the logic of the religious lawyers: “If I’m working for Satan, why would I be overpowering the agents of Satan? 24 That doesn’t make sense; for a kingdom divided by civil war is already history. 25 It is inevitable that a family characterized by internal conflict will fall apart. 26 So if the family of Satan is fighting against itself the effects can’t be reversed. He’s already defeated -- bound and tied. 27 A home invasion robbery only works if the robbers first overcome and tie up the able-bodied people. Once that is accomplished they can proceed to burgle the house.

28 “You can be certain of this -- people will be forgiven for all kinds of stupid behavior -- sins and insults of every kind -- 29 EXCEPT -- there is no forgiveness for those who insult the Holy Spirit by attributing his work to Satan. The guilt of such a sin is permanent -- even into eternity.”

30 Jesus said this because the legal experts were claiming that he was working for Satan.

31 Jesus’ mother and brothers arrived at the house and sent word asking him to step outside to meet with them. 32 He was surrounded by a crowd of eager learners when the messenger stepped up and informed Jesus, “Your mother and your siblings are outside wanting to meet with you.”

33 He replied, “Who is my mother? Who are my siblings?”

34-35 Jesus dramatically turned his gaze toward those seated around him and scanned the circle.

“Look,” he said, “These people are my family. Indeed, whoever does what God wants done is my brother, sister, and mother.”