Thursday, March 12, 2020

John 1:1-18

Way back at the very beginning was the Word. The Word existed with God -- indeed, the Word was God. 2-4 So, in the beginning, the Word and God were already inseparable. You can’t really talk about one without talking about the other. Everything that was created transpired through the Word, nothing was created apart from the Word. So, the Word created all of life. And if that were not enough he gave light to everyone so that all could live enlightened lives. 5 And this light is still shining -- breaking apart the darkness. For the darkness is powerless against the light.

6-7 God sent a man named John (the Baptizer) to direct people to the light, so that everyone who hears what he says will start to put their faith in the light. 8 John himself wasn’t the light. His mission was just to point people to the light. 9 For the genuine light that enlightens all people wasn’t to be found among the created but needed to enter into the world from the outside.

10 And he did! The light came into the world -- the very world which came into being through the light. Yet, the world failed to recognize the light. 11 The light came to his own people, but on a whole his own people failed to extend hospitality -- no red carpet, no handshake, no kiss, no embrace. 12-13 But there were some who welcomed him with open arms, putting their faith in him. And he adopted those believing people as his very own children -- children of God -- children born into his family not through a passionate sexual encounter between a man and woman -- not through a planned or unplanned pregnancy -- but born from God.

14 The Word became flesh and blood, moved into our neighborhood, and set-up his home among us. We’ve actually seen the glory-glow emanating from him. The glow of his father -- genuinely and graciously reflecting the glory as only an only-son can do. Don’t miss the resemblance.

15 John the Baptizer gave enthusiastic testimony about him, “He’s the one whom I’ve been telling you about -- the one who is greater than I am -- for he existed before me.”

16-17 We’ve all had loads of grace heaped up high on our plates. Moses served us Law. Then Jesus Christ piled on the grace and truth. 18 While no one has ever seen God, the one and only Son, who is God, and who is in intimate fellowship with the Father, has revealed God to us.