Wednesday, April 29, 2020

John 14:1-14

Don’t let any of this stress you out. Just as you trust in God, trust me. 2 My Father has a huge spacious house. Why do you think I said that I'm headed there to prepare a room for you? Do you think I'm just making this stuff up? 3 Once things are ready I'll be back to get you so that we can live there together. Yes, we'll be together. 4 You have the directions to where I'm headed so you know how to get there.”

5 Thomas interrupted, “Wait, Master, we still don’t know where this place is. How can we know which road to take?”

6 Jesus answered, “I’m the road -- the road paved with truth and life. And I’m the only road to the Father’s house. You can’t get there otherwise. 7 Knowing me is how you know the Father. Indeed, you do know him and you’ve seen him in as much as you know and have seen me.”

8 Philip said, “Master, if you’d just show us the Father we’d be satisfied.”

9 “Philip!” Jesus replied, “even after all this time I’ve been with y’all, you still can’t see it? If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’? 10-11 Don’t you realize that the Father and I are so interconnected that I am in him and he’s in me? So, everything I’ve said to you isn’t just flowing from me but it’s all from him. If nothing else, believe it because of all the miracles you’ve seen me do. They flow from the Father who lives in me. 12 And if that were not enough -- get this -- because it’s the truth; anyone who believes in me will do the same miracles I do -- yes, even more significant miracles. Because I am going to be with the Father you’ll be carrying on the work. 13 And I will do through you whatever you ask that is consistent with me and my agenda. In that way the Father will be honored through the Son. 14 Just ask along these lines -- no limits -- I’ll do it.