Monday, June 22, 2020

Jeremiah 20:7-13

Lord, you pressured me to take this prophet gig -- and you were so convincing, that I couldn't resist. But now I'm the laughingstock of the country -- a national joke. 8 Without fail, whenever I deliver your message, as I'm compelled to do, and declare that “violence and destruction are on the way” -- the laughing starts. Your message brings me nothing but constant insult and trouble.

9 So, when I try to quit -- to forget about you and all this prophet nonsense, that's when the fire inside me starts to flare, consuming my heart and then burning in my bones. I'm drained trying to hold it all in, until finally the words again erupt.

10 Then they start whispering behind my back. But I can hear what they're saying, "We need to put an end to Mr Doom and Destruction."

All my so-called friends are waiting for me to somehow trip-up so they can put me out of their misery. They want revenge!

11 But the Lord is standing by me -- like a heavily armed soldier defending me against all of their attacks.

So, in the end, my oppressors will trip-up but I'll still be standing. Their failure will be their humiliation and dishonor. No one will ever forget their disgrace.

12 Lord-over-the-armies, through your power you show who is right. For you have insight into the heart and mind. Pay them back for what they've done to me. I rest my case. It's in your hands.

13 Sing to the Lord, praise him -- for he rescues the oppressed -- snatching them from the clutches of evildoers.