Monday, August 23, 2021

Ephesians 6:10-20

Finally, God is super strong and he wants to share his strength with you. 11 So suit up in the armor he provides. That way you’ll be able to stand your ground against the devil’s deviousness. 12 I’m not talking about conventional warfare in which you’re going up against other humans; but this is a battle of cosmic proportions where you’re taking on the dark powers of the universe -- the evil spiritual forces -- their generals and despots.

13 So, gird yourself with all the God-issued battle gear and you’ll be ready to stand your ground on that evil day. And then once the battle is over you’ll still be standing. 14 Wrap truth around your waist as a belt and strap on justice as your chest protection. 15 Then lace up your shoes so that your feet are ready to run with the good news of peace. 16 Most importantly, use faith as a shield. And when the devil shoots at you with his flaming arrows they’ll just burn out. 17 Wear salvation on your head as a helmet and strap on the sword of the Spirit -- which is God’s Word.

18 Keep praying! Pray for the needs of all the believers. Let the Spirit guide you in that. Don’t flake out. Without wavering, maintain COR -- your condition of readiness. 19 When you’re praying for me, ask that God will give me the right words so that anytime I speak, the mysterious message of God’s good news will be revealed.  20 I’m an ambassador in chains representing this good news. Pray that the Lord will give me confidence to say what needs to be said.