Monday, August 22, 2022

Luke 13:10-17

One Sabbath day, as Jesus was teaching in one of the synagogues, he noticed a woman in attendance who was bent over and unable to stand up straight. She had been disabled by a spirit for eighteen long years. 12 When he saw her, Jesus summoned her to stand by him and when she did he said to her, “Ma’am, you’re free from your condition.” 13 He then placed his hands on her and immediately she straightened up and started praising God.

14 The synagogue leader was infuriated because Jesus had healed the woman on the Sabbath.

“There are six days during which work is permitted.” he ranted. “Come for healing on those days -- but NOT on the Sabbath!”

15 The Lord replied, “You charlatans! Every Sabbath morning each of you unties your livestock, which you lead from the stall out to get a drink of water. 16 But then you see it as sinful when on a Sabbath day I untie a woman (a daughter of Abraham -- no less!) bound by Satan for eighteen long years and set her free from her captivity!” 17 When Jesus said these things, all his opponents were put to shame. In contrast, the entire crowd was in party mode because of all the wonderful things he was doing.