Thursday, May 17, 2018

John 17:6-19

“Father, you have entrusted some people of this world to my care and I have shown them who you are. Now, if they want to know what you’re like, what’s important to you, and what you’re up to, all they have to do is look at me. Because of our tight connection your people are my people. And they have done as they were told -- remaining faithful to your word. 7 They now realize that everything I have done and said is direct revelation from you. 8 I gave them the message that you gave to me, and they’ve come to accept it. Again, they most certainly understand that I’ve come from you. They believe that you sent me!

9 “So I’m praying for them. This prayer isn’t for the people who identify with the world system but it’s for those special people you’ve entrusted to me. They are your people. 10 You and I share everything -- including these people who bring me honor.

11 “This phase of my work is almost over so my residency in the world is concluding. However, as I’m heading back to my place with you, these people remain in the world to carry on the work I started. So, Holy Father, tap into everything you are -- everything that we are together -- to take care of them. Might they be united in the same way that you and I are united as one. 12 When I was among them, I acted on your behalf to watch over them. This was the assignment that you gave me. And indeed I kept them safe. None of them were lost, except the one who wasn’t really with me to begin with because he was an agent of destruction -- which is his destiny. This all happened so that the things spoken of in scripture would come about.

13 “Now before I leave the world and head back to you, I have something to say so that they can share in my complete and total joy. 14 When I gave my message to them our people had the same negative experience that I had. The haters jumped all over them because our people identified with me rather than this world. We don’t belong to this world system. 15 But I’m not asking that you pull them out of the world -- just that you guard them -- protect them from Satan, the evil one. 16 Again, we don’t belong to this world system. 17 Help them to live according to the ways of their home territory. Use your message of truth to refine them into peculiar people defined by truth. 18 In the same way that you sent me on a mission into the world, so I am sending them on a mission into the world. 19 I have dedicated myself to them so that they would dedicate themselves to a life defined by truth.