Saturday, May 5, 2018

Psalm 98:1-9

Sing a new song to the LORD. Sing about all the great things he has done. For he has used his matchless power to win the victory!

2 This is no local secret. The LORD has revealed his salvation -- how righteous and just he is -- to the people of all the nations who are willing to see.

3 God has been constant in his love and faithfulness to the family of Israel. Hey everyone! Yes, even those in the most remote places on the planet -- look up and see the saving activity of our God.

4-5 And then, all you earthlings, give a big shout out to the LORD! Get hysterically loud in your praise. Belt out a song!

Get out your ukuleles and sing happy praises to the LORD. Make music for him accompanied by all kinds of instruments -- harps, trumpets, ram horns... 6 Blast out to God. Fill the air with praise to the LORD, who is the king!

7-8 And nature -- you need to join this happy chorus, too. Let the oceans and all the sea creatures join together with everything and everyone on dry land to roar in praise. Clap your hands, all you rivers. Do a happy dance, all you mountains. Make harmony before the LORD.

9 It’s now evident that the LORD is on the move with his worldwide justice crusade. He will put things right around the globe. And finally, all people will be treated fairly as he establishes his just regime.