Sunday, September 4, 2022

Psalm 1:1-6

 A very discerning person is truly happy because he doesn’t listen to the free advice offered by vile and wicked people. Likewise he doesn’t keep company with those who major in sin or allow the jaded cynics to influence him. 2 Instead, these men and women are so in love with GOD’s instructions that they spend their days and nights chewing on scripture. 

3 In this way they are like trees that have been planted next to a stream of water -- evergreen trees which are reliably fruitful. Success is theirs in all that they do. 

4 Such is certainly NOT true for the wicked! These people are like lifeless dry dust blown in the wind. 5 And that’s why these reprobates won’t have a leg to stand on when they’re hauled into court to face justice on the day of judgement. The same goes for sinners when they try to be seated in the congregation of decent people. There won’t be any place for them to sit!

6 The Lord is intimately involved with right-living people as they make their way through life. But the wicked traveler will find the pathway charcterized by wreckage and destruction of their own doing.