Monday, March 4, 2019

Luke 9:28-36

About eight days after Jesus was talking about his glory and denying self to take up a cross, he again went up onto a mountain to pray -- taking Peter (who had just acknowledged Jesus as “the Messiah sent from God”), John, and James with him. 29 As Jesus was praying, he started to glow -- his face -- his clothes -- pulsating lightning bright.

30 Then if that were not intense enough, two long-gone men, Moses the lawgiver, and Elijah the most distinguished prophet, were there talking with Jesus. 31 They were dressed like heavenly beings with their own glow. And the three of them were heavy in discussion about Jesus’ pending exodus and what was transpiring in Jerusalem.

32 Peter and his two buddies were half asleep but eventually managed to awaken to what was going on. They saw Jesus in his glory, as well as the two men with him.

33 As the two men were turning to leave, Peter said to Jesus, “Boss, it’s good that we’re here. We’ll build three shrines so we can hold onto this moment -- one for you -- one for Moses -- and one for Elijah.”

But Peter was just running his mouth -- not tuning into what was really happening. 34 And he was still talking when a cloud suddenly engulfed them. They were covered with goosebumps.

35 Then from inside the cloud -- a voice -- “This is my Son -- the one I’ve appointed. Listen to him!” 36 Even before the voice stopped talking, Moses and Elijah disappeared and Jesus was standing there by himself. Peter, John, and James were speechless. And they didn’t tell anyone about what they had seen until sometime later.