Friday, March 15, 2019

Psalm 27:1-14

The Lord lights up the roadway through my life. He keeps me safe. Should I fear anyone? The Lord is my protector. Is there anything I should be afraid of? What a silly question!

2 When thugs come at me, eager to eat me alive -- it’s the pathetic lowlifes who will end up doubled over on the ground! 3 If a whole army attacks -- I won't flinch. Even if we're forced into war -- I will continue to trust you.

4 There is but one thing I am asking of the Lord -- it’s all I seek: to live in his house for the rest of my life -- basking in his beauty -- contemplating his awesomeness.

5 When the tough times hit, the Lord will shelter me in his house; he will hide me in his tent; he will position me on a safe spot high on a rock where I can’t be attacked. 6 My enemies might surround me but I will confidently hold my head up as I offer sacrifices to the Lord in his sanctuary, along with joyous shouting and glorious praise music.

7 Lord, listen to me as I call out to you -- have mercy on me and respond to my cries!

8 My heart tells me to shift my focus toward God’s face. Lord, that is exactly what I’m doing! 9 Please don’t hide your face from me! Don’t get annoyed with me and brush me aside. I’m your servant and you have already been my help! Stay true to what you’ve done in the past. God, don’t let me down now!

10 Even if my father and mother abandoned me, Lord, you’d take me in.

11 Lord, direct me onto your roadway. My adversaries are looking for an opportunity to get me, so lead me along a good road. 12 Don’t allow me to fall into the hands of my enemies -- slanderous fakes -- violent accusers who have made it clear that they are out to take me down.

13 But my faith in you remains solid. And I am confident that I will experience the Lord’s goodness -- even now, here in the land of the living!

14 Okay, heart, stay the course! Hope in the Lord! Hope in the Lord!