Sunday, October 6, 2019

Luke 17:5-10

Upon hearing Jesus’ command to practice extreme forgiveness, some of his Authorized Messengers responded, “This is too much. We can’t do this. Give us more faith!”

6 The Boss replied, “Don’t sweat it. Even if you have faith the size of a teeny-tiny mustard seed you’ll be okay. With that small amount of faith you’ll be able to order a huge mulberry tree to pull up its roots and then to go jump in the lake. It would do as directed.

7 “Suppose” Jesus went on, “that one of you had a servant who had been tending sheep or plowing the field. Upon returning to the house, would you invite him to sit down for dinner? 8 Of course not, you’d have him fix your dinner, dress up and then serve your meal. After you’re done with coffee and dessert he could then finally take his meal at the servant’s table in the kitchen. 9 And you certainly wouldn’t make a big deal about how thankful you are that he did his job. 10 Think like that servant who isn’t expecting some kind of special trophy for simply doing his duty. In the same way, after you’ve done everything expected of you, just say, ‘Hey, no big deal. We’re servants doing our job.’”