Monday, December 9, 2019

Isaiah 11:1-10

A fresh green shoot of growth will emerge from the stump of Jesse. There will be a new branch sprouting from the roots of King David’s family. 2 The Lord’s Spirit will be with him -- creating within him wisdom and understanding -- powerful leadership that knows and respects the Lord. 3 He’ll delight in honoring and obeying him because that’s where his heart is. This leader will be able to look beyond mere appearances and with deep insight will make decisions based on actual facts. 4 He’ll deliver justice to the poor and treat the disenfranchised fairly.

His words will strike down violent people and his breath will destroy the wicked. 5 His uniform -- which he’ll faithfully wear -- will be justice and integrity.

6 Picture a world in which enemies get along -- where the wolf and the lamb live together. Leopards will sleep next to baby goats and young lions will eat alongside calves. And if that were not enough, a young child will be leading them all about.

7 Cows and bears will graze together while their young nap alongside each other. Lions will become vegetarians -- forsaking ox meat to eat oxen food -- hay! 8 Nursing children will play near the snake’s hole, while toddlers will be sticking their hands right into the serpent’s den.

9 The peace emanating from my holy mountain will be so powerful that all of this will happen without harm or destruction within its realm. And just as water spans the globe, so will the world be covered with people who know and respect the Lord.

10 Oh, what a day! The root of Jesse will have an arm waving people back to the glorious dwelling of the Lord. Even the Gentile nations will pick up on the signal and seek out the Lord.